Non-Fungible Cows

Grazing fields, producing yield


Date: TBA

Whitelist Mint

Date: TBA

Public Mint

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Fixed Yield

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0/3,333 Minted

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Non-Fungible Cows are 3,333 yield-producing assets which are hosted on decentralized storage service, IPFS. Holders are granted full licensing rights and enjoy passive income for life.


Days to ROI: 24.4 WL, 35 Public


Yield per day


20K COW is

100K COW/day

5X staked

400K COW/day

20X staked
COW yield is fixed, dollar amount is estimate

Stake cows and earn yield paid daily

The more cows staked, the more you may earn. Each cow staked adds 20K COW yield per day to your claimable earnings. Just mint, stake, and earn.

Mint a golden cow and win Lucky Box airdrop instantly

There are 33 golden cows out of 3,333. Golden cow holders will receive a Lucky Box airdrop which contains 300K COW/25K CASH.

Join the community

Mint funds utilized to grow CASH and COW
Every cow staked produces yield
Days to ROI: 24.4 WL, 35 Public
Mint a gold cow and win 300K COW + 25K CASH

Frequently asked


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Check our documentation for a full breakdown.

Mint date?

Whitelist and public mint dates to be announced.

Mint price?

0.23 BNB for whitelist minters and 0.33 BNB for the public.

Earning potential?

Receive full ROI within 24.4 days WL, 35 days Public. See Breakdown.